Press Release: The CBDC Group Launches To Build Compliant Digital Currency

The next frontier in central banking.

NEW YORK, NY, March 31, 2020 — Leading FinTech advisory firm Satoshi Capital Advisors announced today the launch of the CBDC Group, a global think tank focused on central bank digital currency ('CBDC') thought leadership and community building. This is the first major CBDC initiative in the world with a focus on both compliance and privacy.

Central bank digital currency has become a frontline focus for central banks the globe over, prompting the creation of CBDC working groups and pilot programs from Toronto to Tokyo. Most work by central banks and independent organizations to date has been focused on the concept of CBDC and its potential value adds to the economy. As this phase of the decision-making process comes to an end, the CBDC Group will work with central banks and the private sector to implement central bank digital currency in a manner compliant with local anti-money laundering regulations. Satoshi Capital Advisors founder and CEO Josiah Hernandez described the, “As central bank digital currency becomes an increasingly important cornerstone of the emerging digital economy, there is a growing need for CBDC community building and thought leadership. The CBDC Group will provide this via neutral strategic guidance and technical assistance on CBDC issuance and market dynamics to its community of members in the form of research, personalized workshops, and operating frameworks.” Inaugural members of the CBDC Group include industry-leading compliance firm Coinfirm and blockchain forensics group Ciphertrace.

Satoshi Capital Advisors is a New York-based global fintech advisory firm that works with governments, banks, and digital currency exchanges to build and implement digital growth strategies. We work with industry and world leaders to build the future of finance. Our team has been involved in digital currency markets since 2012 and brings decades of experience and expertise in financial technology, quantitative finance, management consulting, and government relations.

General or membership inquiries regarding the CBDC Group should be directed to: or

Press inquiries should be directed to Saul Hudson at or Josiah Hernandez at


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